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Gear up and attack your training with gym clothes for men. Featuring signature fabric technologies like Dri-FIT and Aeroloft, men's gym clothes are designed to keep you comfortable and dry so you can train with intensity and confidence.

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In the article, doctor highlighted that wearing the wrong shoes for high-impact sports like Zumba could result in serious medical issues. Breathable — A breathable sneaker is also really good to have. Zumba is pretty intense and your feet are going to get hot, which means a lot of sweat.

If you have a shoe that allows your feet breathe, then that will add to your overall comfort level. Not Too Much Grip — You definitely do not want to wear something that has much traction. Sneakers that have too much grip on the bottom will make it very difficult to pull off the necessary moves that are needed. Another thing about shoes with too much grip is there is a good chance you could injure yourself. Imagine trying to a quick turn in shoes with excessive grip. You may just end up with an ankle injury, as the shoe will prevent you from making any type of smooth move.

So I have spent some time explaining what athletic footwear that are good shoes for Zumba. Well I am pretty sure some of you might want to know if some options are better than others? If you are looking for footwear that offers excellent performance, then I would recommend that you go with dance sneakers, cross trainers or regular athletic shoes. Dance aerobic shoes are by far the best option for Zumba dance. These are designed specifically for dance aerobics and fitness classes. Wearing a pair, you can be sure that they are going to be very comfortable and pretty easy to move around in.

This is good, as it will help to reduce the stress on the feet that comes along with dancing. This footwear also has excellent support, so you can walk around and not worry about injury or you hindering performance. They will also have very little grip and depending on the brand that you buy , some of them will have pivot points on the outsole. All of these features make them very easy to dance in.

They are designed for dance and this makes it ideal for dance fitness classes such as Zumba. Movements with these shoes are much easier to pull off. The different points on the bottom, will make doing twisting, turning on the moves that much easier.

They have little use outside of the dance studio. Because they generally have minimal grip, it is not a good idea to do other activities in them, especially if the activity requires footwear to have excess traction such as running. Cross training sneakers are another good option to consider when looking for highly rated Zumba shoes.

Cross Trainers are multipurpose and versatile, which makes them great to workout, walk or run in. You will often find that a lot people highly recommend them as being awesome dance in. What makes them ideal for dance fitness workouts such as Zumba is that they generally have the same features as dance sneakers.

You will find that these shoes are very lightweight, comfortable, flexible and very supportive. Great for dance, just because they are very comfortable, supportive and lightweight.

They are multipurpose shoes, which mean you can also wear them to do other activities. Even though I have stated that aerobic shoes or cross trainers can be worn to do Zumba, these are not the only footwear you can wear. If you have some type of athletic sneakers at home, you can wear them to the class and you should have no problems dancing in them. Shorts are great for a variety of reasons. First, individuals can expect to work up a sweat while working out.

With shorts, the air can move more freely and keep an individual cooler. Further, individuals will not have their leg movements restrained by potentially too loose pants. For this reason, shorts should be considered as a way to get the movement you want and still stay cool while doing it. Zumba clothing are not all about what you wear above the floor, but also what you wear on them. Zumba Shoes from brands such as Ryka are an extremely important part of your Zumba gear repertoire of clothing options.

For this reason, those participating in this activity should choose shoes that have thicker souls with ample amounts of support in order that they may be able to work out more easily and without strain on the feet. This can be especially important if practiced or participated in on harder floors with little added support for the feet.

The proper footwear should be worn for Zumba dancing to have the proper balance and coordination when on the dance floor. You should always brush the soles of the shoes regularly to get rid of any buildup of wax from them, as this will add to your experience on the dance floors. The buildup of dirt and wax will make the on footwear to be slippery, making the soles to wear very fast.

A pivot point is a must for dance shoes. It allows for turning suddenly to keep up with dance moves. The Janine can benefit anyone who experiences sore ankles or knees after class. This happens when wearing footwear with too much friction or too grippy. Wearing it with pivot points can correct this problem. The Janine places a small amount of sole under the ball of your foot. It helps because the ball of your foot has no grip.

The insoles are made by Ortholite. They draw moisture away from your feet. It has three layers of insoles. It allows for air to move freely through the layers. This keeps your footwear odor free and breathable. However, cushioning is provided by the insoles. The design is made this way to keep it very flexible and lightweight.

It has all the right features that you would want in a sneaker. The DS24 Rockit Sneaker benefits anyone who needs a dancing footwear they can wear for long hours. Some sneakers start to hurt your feet after wearing them for a few minutes. These sneakers can be worn for an hour or longer without hurting your feet. They are also easy on carpet. These sneakers are made from breathable and lightweight materials.

Example materials include suede, synthetic and mesh. It also has a perforated arch for extra ventilation. The split sole design and built-in flex points provides you with foot articulation and flexibility. The DS24 does not have much arch-support. It does have the cushion, but allows you to point your feet. The UR Lead is good sneaker for any exercise class that require you to be fast and light on your feet. It allows you to have the best control when making a turn. These sneakers are a good option for anyone who have problems with stressed or hurt feet after doing a dance routine.

They provide feet with overall support. These features also protects your feet. The UR Lead is created with vertical and horizontal flex grooves that support the variety of movements performed in Zumba. The 3D FuseFramebine makes this pair of footwear lightweight and provides your feet with support. The Downbeat Fitness Sneaker comes in a high tops design. This feature allows your sneaker to fit snug and comfortable. The Downbeat Fitness Sneaker benefits anyone who is looking for extra ankle-support.

The long tongue gives you additional comfort to the lower leg and front of the ankle. The adjustable Velcro strap also allows you pull the sides in and out as needed. The Ortholite foot bed feature is good for someone who spends long hours dancing. It keeps feet relaxed and comfortable.

The front lacing gives your feet the necessary support for doing high performance dance routines. The Cell Riaze has a comfortable design and fits like a glove. It is well ventilated, full of padding and very supportive. It has the right features essential for a long term dance sneaker.

These sneakers benefit anyone with flat feet. It helps to wear footwear that are supportive and comfortable. Insoles help stabilize your heel and supports the arch. The Cell Riaze has a manmade sole. The cushioned midsole gives you optimum comfort.

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