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Our belts are custom made one at a time to your specifications so please allow 5 - 7 weeks for delivery. We promise it will be worth the wait.
A Huge selection of Casual Leather Jean Belts made in genuine leather.
Wide selection of Military Heritage Leather Goods including accoutrements, sword belts, cartridge pouches and boxes, and so on for modern military and reenactors.
Men's Double Braided Woven Leather Dress Belt 1 1/4
Belts for Women: Leather Belts & Women’s Belts for Dresses. Find the do it all accessory with Belk’s collection of women’s belts. More than just a practical way told to hold up your jeans or cinch your dress, a belt is a fashionable addition to your outfit that will add personality to any look.
IPF Approved Belt

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A Huge selection of Casual Leather Jean Belts made in genuine leather.

Not even the same ballgame. Again, my appreciation, and I look forward to the many years of wear. We build western style custom leather belts: It is everything I would have hoped for and more! I will wear this work of art with pride and I will prepare myself for the many questions I will be asked about it. I want to thank you for your wonderful craftmanship and your outstanding customer service. I will be ordering another belt in the very near future. You are continuing such a great tradition of hand made quality- you make me so very proud to be an American.

It is exactly what I had envisioned, only miles better- the workmanship in the design and tooling is extraordinary and so delicate. The sizing is also spot on, down to a whisker. I really could not be more pleased, it is a truly beautiful piece of work!

Thank you very, very much! Dear Lone Tree Leather Works: The belt you made is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you so much. I am going to give your information to the leather shop in Tucson as they are looking for someone to recommend for hand-made Western belts. Again, many thanks for your incredible art. Sorry for the delay in writing, but the belt arrived and it is just perfect! I am beyond thrilled and will certainly be buying additional belts from you folks in the future.

Attached is a picture of the final product. I have never seen such beautifully crafted leather. I am so tickled that my boyfriend loves it. Thank you for such an awesome product!!!!

It is perfect in every way. The fit is perfect. The feel is perfect. The appearance is perfect. Thank you so much! We wanted to complement your workmanship. These belts are works of art and look so handsome with the old buckles. We're both proud to wear a Lone Tree Leather Works belt that honors my parent's heritage. Thanks for offering a high quality product delivered as advertised and when promised. Its nice doing business with someone who has great pride at his craft and respect for his customers.

We wish you great success in your business venture. Absolute brilliant piece of leather craft, I've had a lot of people comment and ask where I got it? I Will wear it with pride, from start to finish its been an absolute pleasure dealing with you. Keep up the great work. I just got home from Texas - Ran down to the post office to see it. It is beyond my expectations. Your craftsmanship is just beautiful. Thank you so much for helping me with this belt for this special buckle.

After 25 years, his old belt finally needed replacing - he is very very fussy so I was nervous about ordering a new one. We got your package last week and are so pleased with the beautiful craftsmanship and quality of the belt you made! Better even than the original. So thank you very very much. With all best regards, Linnae. I am in the Army and ended up having to be gone for a month doing some training when my belt came in the mail! Otherwise I would have emailed sooner! I got home yesterday and I just have to let y'all know that I absolutely love my belt!

Would you rather buy a new cheap belt every few months or have one you can count on that improves with use that you can admire and enjoy every day when you put it on. Let's be real, people pay more for plastic and generic soul-less production made leather belts in mall stores every day. These belts are the custom handmade leather shop belts I made in the 70's and 80's.

Actually, they are slightly thicker and are more finished. How thick is that? I have my good colors back! I now have the old Dye colors made from the original formula! If this is your first order with LeatherGoodsConnection desk top version is preferable to mobile version.

Ordering help video may be useful. There are a lot of options so be sure to read all the info to insure satisfaction. It might help to have a pen and paper to write down your choices as you go, so you will be ready to select your options at the bottom of this page.

If you only want a Plain leather work Belt , check out the Work Belt page for quicker and easier ordering. For ordering a custom "Belt without buckle" on this page, my "Shortcut Links" will speed up the process.

Click on the smaller inset image at the top of the page to see how a belt without buckle will be shipped if you select yes for the keeper and tongue slot options.

I actually cut the leather for these handmade belts based on the information that you provide, I have to All the info is here, have fun building your belt. You will need to choose a buckle for your belt unless you have your own. If you have your own buckle, and are ordering a belt without a buckle, there are two things you will need to determine when you order.

Do you want the "Tongue Slot" where the leather folds the slot punched in the leather on the buckle end of the belt , and do you want the "Keeper Loop" the leather loop next to the buckle. You will also need to choose a "Finish" for the Chicago Screw fasteners, shown on the right, that will match your buckle. They fasten the buckle to the belt and come in brass and nickel. The "Chicago Screws" look like a rivet but with a bottom that has a screw driver slot and unscrews to exchange buckles.

They are stronger and flatter than snaps. If you want snaps or want the buckle permanently fastened with rivets instead, leave a note in the special request box at checkout. Black screws can also be special ordered in the request window at check out. Click on the link below for additional measuring and ordering info Tongue slot?

If you want a special width belt without buckle, select the closest size and put the actual width in the comments window you will find during the checkout process. OK, if you have your own buckle you can go down to Step 2 If you require a buckle: Other widths are available on the dress belt page Then choose a buckle of the proper width for the belt you want.

This is thick leather and 2 thickness of leather have to fit in one of the loops. These polished solid brass buckles are not the cheap die cast zinc plated buckles that are standard on belts found in stores. Nickel is a shiny chrome finish and reflects other colors in these photos. Buckles of this type Center Bar do not require a keeper loop. Double prong buckles are fastened with rivets.

The fixed prong engages the hole and looks like a normal end bar buckle when buckled. This buckle is available with a matching metal keeper loop or a leather keeper loop as shown below. The belt above is Med. Brown with basket weave embossing and wheat stitching. This buckle set shown on Black, Med. Brown, belts with basketweave, and wheat stitching. Click on images for larger views. Similar to 11 but with a slimmer profile. More really nice buckles are available on the Dress Belts page.

Some are in Metric widths and it would be too confusing to show them here. Determine the "Center Hole Length" to order. This diagram shows how I will use the center hole length you supply to make the belt you order. Mobile users- Use bottom scroll bar to see all of diagram. If you are ordering a handmade belt with a buckle: Use the lower diagram to determine your "Center Hole Length".

Measure the length of the belt you are now using, from the prong or pin on the back of the buckle, to the hole in the belt that you normally use.

Your new belt will be made using this length so that your new belt will be worn on the middle hole as shown in the diagram. Pants are sized to fit your "actual" waist measurement against your skin. Belts need to be longer than that because they go over the top of your clothing. Better and easier to just measure your belt don't you think?

Actual practice has shown that this measurement is about 2" more than waist size. DO NOT go by a number printed on the back of your belt. Other manufacturers numbers may vary and your belt may have stretched with use if you are ready for a new one. The "Center Hole Measurement" is the controlling dimension and remains the same no matter what the number of holes are or what their spacing is.

Do not guess at the waist size of someone you have not seen for 2 years. I measure on this end, you measure on your end. For men's belts, with a buckle, the "Center Hole Size" is usually 2" more than the waist size of the pants you wear. Women may wear pants lower on their hips. So, women, decide where you want to wear it and measure that length. There is no way to figure it out using your waist size. Still not sure how to measure? For measuring help for a belt with buckle click to view the measuring video This might take from a few seconds to a minute to load.

Your "Center Hole Length" is the length from the fold in the leather to the belt center hole. On trophy or western type buckles it is the distance from where the leather attaches to where the pin is.

It is up to YOU to allow for this. I do not have your buckle! I do not know how much it will add to the length!

Only the part that adds to the length of the belt has to be taken into consideration. You don't even have to worry about this if you simply measure a belt you have with your buckle attached from the fold in the leather where the buckle attaches, to the hole that fits best with that buckle, as shown on the "Center Hole Length Without Buckle" diagram above.

Then simply order "Without buckle" using this measurement. Trophy or Western type buckles usually do not need the loop or the slot. For those ordering a ranger belt, you are ready to go back to Ranger Belt Page. Those buying a Harness Leather Belt, continue to scroll down.

My handmade belts normally have 5 holes 1" apart with 4" from the longest hole to the end of the belt, so that the longest hole is useable. Longer belts, and belts with two keeper loops, have 5" from longest hole to the tip. You can have fewer holes, or seven holes, and less length on the tongue if you want. Belts over 50 inches long will come with seven holes. Maybe 2 keepers would be good for you, just let me know.

The belts to the right are Med. Hand staining natural leather is like staining wood. Every piece is different. That is one of the things that gives my belts soul, magic, excitement or whatever it is that production belts lack. The colors above are as close to the true colors as I can get. They, plus Black, are standard colors. I have adjusted the colors in the top band to be as close to the true color on my monitor as I can. The bottom band is what the camera saw.

In actuality the colors in hand finished leather will vary within the same piece of leather similar to the way the color of wood varies in antiques. In the standard colors I use special dyes that give my belts a fine Antique Finish. The belts with the Inca design have more contrast because of the Black finish that is rubbed into the pattern. The Tan is a British Tan luggage color, Lt. Brown is darker with less orange, Med.

Brown is more red brown, and Dk Brown is really dark. Natural unfinished leather is a flesh color, that darkens a little with age and sunlight.


Made with pride in the U.S.A. with American-made oak-tanned leather. We specialize in custom-made flat leather drive belts. Single-ply, 11/64" thick, up to 4 inches wide, in any length to fit your application. A Huge selection of Casual Leather Jean Belts made in genuine leather. Men's Double Braided Woven Leather Dress Belt 1 1/4" (32mm) wide with Nickel Plated Buckle - Black.

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