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The world's finest outlet shopping. Save 25% to 65% every day on designer and name brands including Coach, Gap Outlet, Nike and Polo Ralph Lauren.

Radio Shack Stillwater Ave. Tivoli Village will provide pet waste bags and containers throughout the property for your convenience. An organization was formed calling itself the "Chesterfield Incorporation Study Committee.

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ARIZONA. Phoenix: Biltmore Fashion Park, E Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ Biltmore Fashion Park is an outdoor shopping experience in a park-like setting. It serves as home to some of the finest shopping in Arizona and is anchored by the state’s only Saks Fifth Avenue.
We're sorry. We could not retrieve directory information at St. Louis Premium Outlets® right now. Please try again soon.
We're sorry. We could not retrieve directory information at St. Louis Premium Outlets® right now. Please try again soon.
Chesterfield, Missouri is a super-regional trade area located in West St. Louis County. With retail sales exceeding $1 Billion, the Chesterfield Valley is commonly known as the “retail capitol” of Missouri.
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December 7th, at Copps on the south side was just a grocery store, and the Plaza just south Across the parking lot was a Shopko Plaza, I vaguely remember it just before it closed I was about 3 or 4 i believe we where getting a VCR when we where there. Now just one sits downtown. Fleet Farm original location was actually pretty much next door to Target then later moved further east in town after Stevens Point acquired land from neighboring townships.

Derrick December 4th, at 5: Hey — I live in Wausau and our mall as you know had a lot of the stores this mall had. I feel bad that they tore this 27 year old mall down — especially knowing our mall is 30 years old and going strong. Our family goes to Stevens Point every once in a while!! We tried going there in January but the ShopKo entrance was closed with bars. I have to be honest with you: I remember getting Hot Dogs in the Food Court. Rue21 moved in So there are differences between all three shopping centers.

I love historical values of malls. December 5th, at 4: That mall, I swear, was built in the late s, what with how dark it was. Wausau was also threatened with a large enclosed mall development in the s. Eventually the developers agreed on the proposal to build it downtown. The rest is history. Not sure when that came to be, but it had to be …..

While the two malls Wausau Ctr. Point had some of the newer names in some cat4gories. Also seemed like Centerpoint went more working-class market, where Wausau tried to go a slight bit more working-to-middle class. Wausau also aimed national chains for its food court Diamond Daves Taco Co. Derrick December 5th, at 4: I know about all these facts!!

I live here so that means I know. You just ask my mom!!! Have you been there since it was remodeled?? Cedar Creek Mall was built in !! ShopKo Plaza in Rothschild was built in May I ask, did you live here at one time??

If not, How do you know all this? December 6th, at 2: I found out by mostly just asking around while I was in the area back in , and then further reading online once newspapers and various archiving sites began to publish their archives online. I stayed up there for a month for a few summer courses up at Northcentral Tech.

I greatly appreciate backing up what I put forth. Just based on the fact that the residents in those communities of the region held fast for as long as possible in preventing enclosed mall development or re-doing their downtown districts to incorporate them to varying degrees of success or demise like Centerpoint.

I live in the Southeastern quadrant of the state near Fond du Lac. Oshkosh, Appleton, Green Bay and Milwaukee all have tried downtown malls. All failed over the years and have been converted since to other uses. Among them is a 3rd downtown re-development that was opened in , the Rapids Mall in Wisconsin Rapids. The other two were malls on the outskirts of their respective cities….

Having been raised in Stevens Point, I can attest to the death spiral that was the last 15 years of the CenterPoint Mistake but, even until the early 90s, the mall was pretty full.

Stage cynically tried to play on the city, by only going into mid-sized cities where they thought they could scrimp on store design and product quality. And yes, there were plans to build something on the outskirts, which the downtown businesses railroaded. Allegedly, that effort ended up in Appleton as the Fox River Mall. December 6th, at 3: Yeah, read about that in the news archives dating back to the mids.

Simon Property Group nee: They were turned down by your hometown and when they pitched to Appleton, they were hastily turned down as well. GGP took a gamble with the latter city after Simon bailed circa , and it wound up in a nasty court battle between the city, the developer and the state DNR. The rest, once the court ruled in favor of GGP, is history. I know some stores jumped around the mall over the years, mostly to move into larger space.

Dalton by the late 80s. It was between Fanny Farmer and Payless Shoes. They were still fairly popular in the mid s. Trying to keep this as quick as possible: Little Professor Books actually is still in existence; they hung around for several years and moved out to the east part of town and are now Book Finders. Dalton never had anything to do with them.

Other retailers who come to mind: No, there was never a game room. The Plover Mall had one that was awesome, but that was the most awesome thing about that mistake of an outfit. Matt from WI December 7th, at December 7th, at 3: Matt from WI, sure thing!

Matt from WI December 9th, at 3: Perhaps you are right in that regard. A full-blown entry and images of Centerpoint Mall is an over-done affair to showcase a mall that mostly took flack from the local residents for a host of reasons, be them economically loss of businesses , politically taxes and TIF districts , socially loss of historic buildings, auto traffic patterns altered , or otherwise, but one positive that can be taken away is that it allows discussion and debate as to what went right and what went wrong.

The two things I take as positives is that it kept downtown going for a bit longer than it probably would have. All that development out on U. Not only did those two stores eventually pull out which probably would have eroded other business, but the mall never leased to full occupancy, and Fox River Mall effectively put the final nail in the coffin anyways.

Repeat this scenario with Milwaukee, Oshkosh, and Green Bay as well, though in those examples and Centerpoint, all their downtown projects started fully leased, only starting to die out as the s decade and the onslaught of discount and big-box formats took over.

This, I can understand completely. Penneys had already moved to the Forest Mall by this time, and Sears closed by As such, we still retain many of the original buildings. Sure, Forest Mall and other outlying development took the national chains out of downtown which would have inevitably happened, but it still retains a strong local flavor with local stores, eateries and even a historic hotel still booking rooms, all housed within much of the original structures that have been around for years.

Some have been in business for several generations. That alone is worth more than having a large building sitting there and rotting away. December 9th, at 8: Plover Mall just seems to be one of those generic s enclosed outlet malls that are almost extinct now: The building looks to have been torn down before December 9th, at 7: Yep, catalog store, closed in early when Sears ceased their print catalog division.

While it closed, the portrait studio across the mallway you see in the set, did remain open through the early s. Enclosed outlet malls never clicked with people. For the record, Wisconsin had several enclosed outlet malls. That same company would also wind up developing in 4 phases , the Factory Outlet Centre outside Kenosha just off I, also since razed.

This was, at the time of opening, the largest outlet mall in the entire Upper Midwest, and drew massive crowds from my area and also Chicagoland until Gurnee Mills and the outdoor Outlet Shops of Pleasant Prairie were opened within a 2 year timeframe , effectively killing the already-dated Centre. The last new one built out here in WI is located off the interstate 94 south of Watertown.

December 11th, at 6: One of the greatest examples of forgotten anchorless outlet malls is here in Arizona. Power Square Mall in Mesa. The problems with Power Square are not so much its anchorless state rather than some location and position issues. If you go half a mile north of this mall, you run into Superstition Springs Center, a regional mall. Also note the fact that the street corner has other businesses blocking a view of the mall coming southbound on Power Road.

Not sure on occupancy. Does seem to have some businesses, but very low profile in the area. Nordrike Field December 11th, at 8: Kev December 21st, at 2: Most likely in Grand Prairie, TX, this fall: December 21st, at 7: The Premium Outlets in Cincy are pretty new too, I think.

Raymie December 21st, at 4: I never even knew the chain had a presence in Arizona. If outlet shoppers from outside these areas west Chandler in particular would have another…outlet for their shopping, it would probably begin the at first slow death spiral for AZ Mills. December 21st, at 8: Dec 20, Industry sources say construction has gone too far in both cases for either party to abandon their site.

However, the fact remains that the trade area could support only one traditional outlet center, making the stand-off that much more interesting.

Simon and Taubman announced their plans for outlet center developments in Chesterfield, Mo. Louis Premium Outlets was set to contain , sq. In recent months, both firms stepped up development activity.

In July, Taubman also announced the names of some of the tenants that will be taking space at Prestige Outlets Chesterfield, including the Gap brands and J. But while the greater St. Louis trade area might boast enough consumer power to support two new outlet centers in addition to the already existing St. Louis Outlet Mall in Hazelwood, Mo. Even Robert Taubman admitted that given the competition for consumer dollars, return on investment on Prestige Outlets Chesterfield could be basis points lower than Taubman previously expected.

The trick is that one of the players—most likely Taubman—might either try to attract different kinds of tenants to its property to avoid direct competition with Simon or sell the center to another operator who will convert it to a non-outlet use, Moore and Humpers speculate.

Given that Taubman specializes in more upscale malls than most big retail developers in the U. He suspects that both Taubman and Simon are currently holding negotiations with luxury retailers along the lines of Burberry and Prada to see who can land more upscale tenants.

Humphers offers a competing, but a somewhat like-minded theory. She notes that while St. As a result, she suspects that one of the outlets might eventually be sold off and redeveloped into another retail venue. That might explain why both Simon and Taubman are pressing ahead with their developments in spite of stacked odds.

Smaller projects might be more viable, even being so near. The outlet mall is the in thing right now, just like the lifestyle center was hot a few years ago. As a result developers of all sizes are jumping into the game believing that their projects will be the ones prefered by the consumer.

December 21st, at 9: SEAN, A lot of outlet malls are struggling. Better inventory control by chains and manufacturers of clsthing have really made it more difficult for outlet malls and offprice stores to have the desirable merchandise and pricing they once had.

December 22nd, at Today many brands have outlets to continue store expantion. December 22nd, at 6: SEAN, Outlets have a more complicated history. First there there were factory outlets and stores that sold goods from liquidators. The factory outlets were attached to factories back when we actually made stuff in the US and a few food processors still operate this way.

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The world's finest outlet shopping. Save 25% to 65% every day on designer and name brands including Coach, Gap Outlet, Nike and Polo Ralph Lauren. Chesterfield, Missouri is a super-regional trade area located in West St. Louis County. With retail sales exceeding $1 Billion, the Chesterfield Valley is commonly known as the “retail capitol” of Missouri. Taubman Prestige Outlets is located in Chesterfield, Missouri and offers 48 stores - Scroll down for Taubman Prestige Outlets outlet shopping information: store list, locations, outlet mall hours, contact and address. Address and locations: North Outer 40 Road, Chesterfield, Missouri - MO /5(1).

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