The 3 Best Travel Pants for Women: Functional, Cute, & Field-Tested

Sep 27,  · Ladies, take off your pants. Those black, poly-blend, straight-legged slacks you wear to work every day. You know the ones—they gap at the waist and pull at the crotch. They make a distinct scratching sound when you cross and uncross your legs in a meeting. Sometimes they have pleats. Sometimes they have back pockets. Sometimes they have stretch.

Needless to say, shopping for travel pants is right down on the bottom on my list of favorite things to do alongside root canal and being rescued off of waterfalls while having a panic attack I speak from experience, unfortunately. If your hostel is shady AF, zip your ID into your pocket and just sleep with it. Because you should be prepared for everything while rocking those black pants, from giving a presentation in front of your supervisors to catching the next flight for your office retreat in Tahoe to crouching down and fixing that darn copier.

A hidden section of the waistband that conceals elastic and allows the waist to expand an extra two inches. The hidden expandable comfort waistband looks .
Finding the perfect pair of black pants can be an adventure. Here, we identify the best pairs of every fit inspired by celebrities at every age. Finding the perfect pair of black pants can be quite the adventure.
Finding the perfect pair of black pants can be an adventure. Here, we identify the best pairs of every fit inspired by celebrities at every age. Finding the perfect pair of black pants can be quite the adventure.
Spoiler: The fabrics really are that awesome.), but they cater to much more of the workwear sphere than just their original goal of making the best Little Black Pants on the market for working women. So while pants are different levels of sporty and dressy, their shirting materials are selected for their drape, versatility, and softness.
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The Most-Loved Classic Black Pants To Own

The 3 Best Travel Pants for Women: Functional, Cute, & Field-Tested. December 8, Similarly, if you’re looking for extended sizes, it seems like size 32+ in the black jeans falls into plus size territory What questions can I answer for you about these 3 best travel pants for women? FOLLOW US! Hey, if you found this post useful.

When we were hiking the Quilotoa Loop in the Andes in Ecuador, we got lost a zillion times and I ended up crawling up a mountain on my hands and knees. But the next day, I wore my Halle pants: But my Halle pants are legit cute. I was so comfortable all day! The legs are fully flared at the bottom, not that weird sort-of-skinny-but-kinda-straight mom jeans look that I absolutely cannot pull off.

The flared bottom rolls up easily into a cuff that ends above or below your knee, for a cute cuffed capri length pant. Personally, I have massive calves, as do most hikers and bikers and athletic folks, and I cannot imagine rolling a skinny pant all the way up to my knee.

But the flare makes it so that these roll up perfectly. A post shared by Deirdre Denali Rosenberg deirdredenaliphotography on Mar 7, at 7: I love that these pants come in short, regular, and tall, as well as sizes for all heights and sizes of badass female travelers! Having a waist tie helps keep my pants up even on days where my weight is fluctuating. The prAna Halle pant comes in several colors, which is news to me because I got mine several years ago.

Anyway, you can pick a pair up on Amazon or directly from prAna. Shop prAna Halle Pants on Amazon. Look, this one took me by surprise too. I mean, we all have hella yoga pants and loungewear at home already. That seems really superfluous. Most sweatpants are bulky and heavy.

If not, I just changed your packing game forever. A post shared by ExOfficio exofficio on Dec 29, at Permethrin is an invisible, odorless bug repellent that bonds to fabric while leaving your skin blissfully bug-repellent free, even after you wash your clothes.

I mean, if you can pull off athleisure or joggers, you can pull these off. Pockets are all that matter to me in life, and these fit the bill. If your hostel is shady AF, zip your ID into your pocket and just sleep with it.

What are your frustrations? What are your concerns? What questions can I answer for you about these 3 best travel pants for women? Hey, if you found this post useful, save it for later on Pinterest! This post was partially sponsored by Aviator USA, and I received a complimentary pair of jeans to review.

However, all comments, raves, pocket obsessions, and decades-out-of-date pop culture references are completely my own. I actually legit love the jeans, and my opinion was not influenced by our partnership. The other 2 pants I purchased on my own in preparation for our year-long honeymoon.

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These all look great! Will have to look into one of these! Not only did your post make me chuckle, these trousers sound amazing! Why is it so hard to find trousers that fit well, look good and are super comfy?

Thanks for sharing your finds! Why are they so narrow? Does no one else have an ass? I do like the Halle pant from prana but need to check out the jeans you mentioned. I had no idea about these ex officio pants! Hope you like the pants as much as I do!

Thank you for sharing!! Definitely going to check out the Aviator jeans, already a big fan of Prana and ExOfficio! I had to laugh all through this post about your pocket obsession. I have a 10 year old pair of Eddie Bauer cargo shorts.

Absolutely unattractive but oh so functional with yes! LOL you totally get me! Good pants are hard to find! Yes, I have ordered the Prana pants, but there are a lot of complaints about the small pockets. The front pockets are your typical too-small lady-pocket size, the back pockets are big enough for a phone or wallet, and the hidden zip pocket is just the right size for a credit card. I still recommend them, though. I typically have a hydration pack or daybag when I hike for snacks etc, but the Prana Halle pant pockets are big enough for pocket things like a point and shoot camera, phone, lip balm, etc.

I bought the Prana Halle pants in size 10, short. The length was too long easily fixed but the rise is miniature. I usually can wear low-rise pants and the waistband is at my waist. By the time I realized that was true, I had washed and hemmed them, so they are unreturnable. Also, the buttons yes, two, arranged vertically are very hard to both do up and open. The fabric seems good: I do have to use the drawstring to keep them there, though. Hubby and I are planning a combo trip to Europe in August.

Needless to say trying to fit the right clothes and not look out place, in a carry-on is a challenge. BUT, you might have saved the day. I own the Prana Halle in black and tan from our trip to Alaska! Yay for the budget. Thank you again and I love reading your blog! Your writing style and content really appeal to me and you are honest and hilarious! Yes yes and yes! Ugly bastard travel pants are an irritance at best. I found some random berghouse ones once which just looked like normal slightly bootlegged trousers with one relatively inconspicuous zip mid thigh.

I took one to South America and lived in it. My whole passport and my phone disappear easily in the front pockets… it was the dream! IDK what was going on there. I really really appreciate you guys!! Thanks for this round-up! I headed to my local REI earlier today and was surprised to find that I now have real options.

Unfortunately, the prAna Halle pants are too low-rise to fit me comfortably, but I found a very similar style in the Kuhl Spire Roll-up pants which offer a mid-rise as well as the added drawstring with the button and zipper closure for a more secure fit around my waist. I normally wear a 6 but came away with size 8s—8 short in Columbia and 8 regular in Kuhl.

This is such great information, thank you! I am totally with you on the patriarchy of the pockets! I hear you, Sara! I did a search for best travel pants and landed here.

I cannot thank you enough for pointing me to these jeans and hiking pants! I ordered both and prepared for disappointment but they both fit perfectly! The sizing tips at the Aviator and Prana sites were spot on too. You are so right about the general hideousness of hiking pants.

My old ones are going in the give away bag. Because they are hideous. Thanks for all the great travel tips, though! So please check back! Or maybe I should lose weight…. My other travel pants with the front thigh pockets are: Used to pack 4 pairs of pants but now we usually travel with only two pairs of long pants, so they have to be easy wash, fast drying, not bulky and look decent. The brand is ZeroExposur.

But nothing for women. Another company that Costco carries and that makes decent outdoor clothes is 32 Degrees. Love our 10 Best Black Work Pants? Check out our 10 Best Pencil Skirts for more top-ranked finds! The modern cut, slash pockets up front, and material especially great for the summer-to-fall transition. The fit beautifully, look effortless, and will go with everything!

Straight-leg and ponte knit will keep you at the top of your game while looking your best. I wear them to work practically every day. Beauty Clothing Shoes Accessories Shop. From a day at the office to dinner with your clients.

Embrace fall with a luxurious cashmere sweater. Four-season stretch makes for a perfect fit everyday. Katie Sturino is a size 12 ish New Yorker who believes great style can look chic at any size. Katie is also the founder of MegaBabe Beauty, a body-positive, direct-to-consumer beauty brand.

A native New Yorker, Gabriella has always had an eye for fashion. Gabriella loves spending time with her husband and three fur babies—two dogs, Gatsby and Winnie, and her horse Scarlett.

Office wear has come a long way and, thankfully, so has the black pant. From the stiff and unyielding pants of our past, we gladly welcome these new chic and comfortable styles, built to . Finding the perfect pair of black pants can be an adventure. Here, we identify the best pairs of every fit inspired by celebrities at every age. Finding the perfect pair of black pants can be quite the adventure. Some of our latest conquests include the best notebook, black T-shirts, fashion-editor-approved jeans, toothbrush, and apartment décor. Note that all prices are subject to change. Note that all prices are subject to change.

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